Our Mission

Indonesia is the epicenter of “The Ring of Fire”, home to more volcanoes and earthquake zones than any other country in the world. For her people, living amid active volcanoes – particularly on the Islands of Java, Bali and Sumatra – is part of daily life,  where imminent danger lurks behind.

Such reality has conditioned communities to stick together and seek a balance between people and planet – as to create harmony between man and nature.  This balance is deeply ingrained in the Javanese culture and serves as a life roadmap that ensures working with, and not against nature.

The May 2006 earthquake of 6.9 magnitude and the October 2010 Mount Merapi volcano eruption demonstrated just how much devastation mother nature can bring. Both disasters killed thousands, obliterated several villages, and rendered 1.5 million people homeless.

Some of these victims included traditional craftsmen in Bantul village outside of Yogyakarta, who rebuilt their lives by banding together creating crafts with their bare hands and the few tools they could salvage, relying on an heritage of crafts skills and natural materials from the immediate areas.

The Javanese’ resilience in facing adverse situations is truly exemplary. This inspiring philosophy of the Indonesian villagers gave birth to Frangia Eco Chic, and its business model that is committed to “giving back” to the communities.

And thus began our quest to seek a balance between Business (Profit), Communities (People) and the Environment (Planet), our “3P” philosophy. Frangia strives to become the voice of the disadvantaged craft artisan communities where small-scale sustainable ventures exist and seek to connect them with global markets.

Frangia presents a collection of exquisitely-crafted fashionable items made from natural materials, ethically produced in sustainable communities. Partial sales proceeds are donated to support local communities with immediate benefits.

We collaborate with other local, regional and international organizations that share a common cause of supporting 3 key areas:

1. Children’s Education

2. Women Empowerment

3. Post-disaster recovery/rebuilding efforts


Headquarter: San Diego, CA, USA.  7 Centers in 3 Countries (Indonesia, Thailand, Kenya. Cause: Children’s Education. A Volunteer-run organization that promotes education and empowers young minds with life skills. The 4 Indonesia Centers in Jakarta, Bali, Medan and Banda Aceh, primarily focus on educating children through the TEP (The Educational Program) and Class Sponsorship programs with some centers teaching over 400 students.

The centers provide an informal place for children from lower economic families to work alongside volunteers, which teaches the children to feel comfortable with people from different cultural backgrounds at a young age.


Headquarter: Yogyakarta, Central Java, Indonesia.

Established by expats and local residents following the devastating 2006 Yogya earthquake to provide post-disaster and recovery aid. Today Rumah Teman advocates environmental consciousness, promotes river clean-up and recycling programs, and the production of items from repurposed waste.

Should you wish to donate directly to either of these organizations, please click the following links for the respective organization. International Humanity Foundation (IHF), Rumah Teman.