About Frangia


There’s a saying that a story worth telling is one that has a human face behind it.

This is a story about communities of traditional crafts people around Yogyakarta, Central Java, that banded together in the aftermath of devastation. First came the 2006 earthquake that left uncountable loss of life, flattened villages… sheer destruction. And just as rebuilding efforts were underway, Mount Merapi volcano erupted in October 2010 covering the area with ash rain for weeks. It is here that resilience takes on a new meaning.

From despair came hope, communities made do with the very little they had left, to piece together their livelihood. Adopting grassroots innovation, artisans began making crafts of organic materials found in the immediate area. Such was the inspiration that gave birth to Frangia.

Handcrafted creations that are not only fashionable and eco-friendly, but are a living testament to the human spirit. Frangia aspires to become part of the rebuilding process, engage directly with the crafts people to keep the local economy moving, empower women, sustain artisan traditions, help conserve the environment, and most importantly, give back partial proceeds to these communities.

We make it our mission to tell their story, promote their creations and give them a voice and empower them with the innovation and exposure to the global market..