This is s a story about the communities of traditional crafts people around Yogyakarta, Cental Java, who banded together following the devastation of the 2006 earthquake and 2010 Merapi volcano eruption.

From despair, came hope. Driven by wit and grassroots innovation, artisans began working with organic materials found in the immediate area, creating eco-friendly handcrafted fashion items. A living testament to the human spirit. Such was the inspiration for FRANGIA.

FRANGIA aspired to partake in the rebuilding process, engage with the crafts people to keep the local economy moving, empower women, sustain artisan traditions, help conserve the environment, and most importantly – give back partial proceeds to these communities.

We make it our mission to tell their story, promote their craftsmanship, and equip them with the innovation and exposure to the global market.